At DR RED, our business is to bring stories to life.
It could be your story, and WE are here to help. Each story is precious to us, which we treat with utmost care and dedication from inception, execution through to delivery.
Making those dreams alive is a talented team, each with their own capabilities and they do so with heart. For this very reason we focus on PEOPLE, people who can bring things to life.
Under the DR RED roof, we have a pool of multi-talented individuals who can provide a wide range of expertise in the production of TV Commercials, Animated Series and Films.

Producing/Project Management

We have dedicated Producers who will manage the resources, budgeting and scheduling of TVC, film and animation projects.


We provide production support – assembly of crew to production of live action shoots.


We have a team of editors who are well versed in post production. We integrate the need of clients with our creative experience to create more dynamic narratives in our storytelling.


We also customize audio recordings and sound effects for final sound mixing or mastering. We select the right music to match the right mood for your films, commercials or visual stories.

Motion Graphics

We provide creative concepts and technical expertise for the production of motion graphics

3D Animation and Visual Effects

We bring 3D animation and visual effects to life.

Color Grading

Utilizing our expertise in color grading, we enhance visual effects and mood of each story.


Our artist are able to create lifelike illusions with various elements and techniques.

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