We offer our talent to those who lOVES their work

Manager and Producers

Grady Habib

Jean Poh

General Manager

As a founder and C.E.O of DR RED, Jean Poh has draught a very clear vision for the company.
He felt that he should multiply his talent by helping more people like him, to understand, love and grow in the industry after his work on Oscar Academy Awards winning film ’Gravity’.
Jean Poh always picture his team and himself to stand on the stage of Oscar’s recognition. DR RED is where he gather everyone who shares the similar dream, and become one of the 
most competitive studio internationally.

Grady Habib

Grady Habib

Managing Director of Sandbox

With decades of experience in client servicing and management, Grady is responsible for the smooth running of all the toys in the Sandbox. An innovative thinker with the ability to solve complex operational problems, while maintaining a cool, calm demeanor. Grady also has a passion for marketing. Striving to get your message into the world.

Grady Habib

Shane Jiang

Executive Producer/Studio Manager

Many years of experience as a creative designer, branding and event manager,  has helped her developed fantastic foundation and skill to expend her career in Post Production and animation industry.
As an executive producer, she is able to manage talents, training and projects independently. By duplicating Shane’s way of working, we are able to multiply producers and coordinators to manage multiple projects.
Our daily operation also run smoothly by Shane as a studio manager with her all rounded resources.

Grady Habib

Fanfan Zhuang


Fanfan Zhuang has extensive experience helping foreign film crews deliver important stories about China to the world. She is adept at navigating through tricky government administrative processes, negotiating access to interview subjects, as well as, developing storylines, managing field logistics, location scouting and researching. She has worked with documentary film crews from many countries and regions for China’s CCTV, Danish Broadcasting Cooperation, Nat Geo Channel, MTV Asia, Al Jazeera English, Channel News Asia, AETN Net works (Crimes and investigation Channel), OKTO and Discovery Asia.

Animation DivisionPost production and Visual Effects Division

Grady Habib

Glen Huang

Animation Director

Glen,10 years experience in TVC and TV series production with VHQ and later become a core team leader in DRRED. As a local Chinese, his way of coordination with our Chinese client and team, makes it a lot easier for DRRED as a foreign company  to establish in China. He mostly work on high end TVC projects and TV series production as a producer and director.

Grady Habib


Animation Director

Jen-Hwa,Australian Chinese,he travelled many countries and worked on many different projects help to develop his career as an animation director. He is currently handling ‘How to train you dragon’. His  QC and knowledge has gain recognition from our international clients.

Grady Habib

James Teh

Post Production Supervisor

James Teh, Malaysian Chinese. He is able to communicate fluently either Bahasa Malaysia English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Formal head of Post production of DMG now has become one of our partner and leading DR RED’s post production team. With his 20 years experience, we are proudly announce he will be able to input all his skill and knowledge to everyone in our team.

Grady Habib

Ben Young

Music Video Director

Ben Young is a West Australian director experienced in commercials, music videos, series television and short film. Ben has directed over 25 music videos that have received both local and international recognition through various awards, nominations and festival success. Some artists he’s worked with include The John Butler Trio, Drapht, The Lazy Calm, Emperors, Split Seconds, Boom! Bap! Pow!, Voltaire Twins and Boys Boys Boys.

Grady Habib

Billy Wychgel

Senior Colorist

Originally from Amsterdam, Billy started out as a photo retoucher back in the early nineties. After a brief stint as a Flame artist he found his calling in the Telecine darkroom in 1999 and has been color grading world wide ever since. Billy has worked on everything from commercials and feature films to music videos and documentaries. His feature film credits include Academy Award-winning films The Lord Of The Rings and King Kong.

Grady Habib

Jaemie Manners

Senior Artist

Starting off in this industry working as an editor cutting commercials, Jaemie over the last 10 years has developed his compositing and design skills and is now Sandbox’s Senior Artist, adept at running both Smoke, Flame, Resolve & everything in-between. With a passion for motion graphics Jaemie enjoys developing concepts, designing projects and working collaboratively with the agency creative’s by ensuring that their briefs and ideas are fully realized.

Grady Habib

Matthew Kerley

Senior Motion Artist

Despite his youthful appearance, Matt has had well over 8 years experience in the field of motion graphic design. Having worked at the ABC for 5 years designing graphic packages for news and kids programs.

Grady Habib

Brad Habib

Sound Engineer

Brad has a passion for sound design and has done everything from ADR & foley to design & 5.1 mixing for just about any medium, be it film, radio, tvc or online. His love for the craft has won him numerous awards over the years including Siren & D&AD awards, but really it is all about creating something unique and unexpected that keeps him pushing the boundaries.

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